My Primary Phones

Updated in 2015/12/29: remove timeline and add latest phone. The following is a list of primary phones I have used. Operating systems on these devices include Symbian, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and others from feature phones. (The actual date for phones before 2007 are not precise.) Apple iPhone 6 Plus Jan 10th, 2015 ~ Present OS: iOS Nokia Lumia 920 Jan 5th, 2013 ~ Jan 10th, 2015 (2 years) »

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First post from Windows Phone

Yet again, I switched my blog engine. This time, I switched from Jekyll to WordPress. I really like how Jekyll works. It’s very straightforward and allow me to blog within my editor of choice, Emacs. But it also forces me to blog in front of my laptop, instead of other mobile devices. After much consideration, I decided to switch to WordPress, a more ubiquitous blog engine which has support on most major platforms. »


睽違三年的中秋烤肉又要回來了,照慣例要邀請小寶的同事來烤肉。跟往年一樣, 歡迎攜帶女伴一起參加唷。男伴就不用勉強了。 今年仍然有一個新的網站供各 »

Introducing Calennar

Introducing Calennar, seminar schedules in iCalendar format. Currently, this only support seminars from NUS School of Computing. You can subscribe Calennar into your favorite calendar client with the following URL: NUS SoC offers many seminars. However, since I am not from SoC, I do not receive automatic email notifications for these seminars and often missed interesting ones. They do offer web for the seminar schedules, but there are no corresponding RSS or Twitter account to subscribe to. »

New CV Page

I have updated my CV page. Recently 1, I saw an awesome resume from CSS-Tricks. Based on that resume, I created a new CV page of mine. My previous CV page only contained a link to the PDF version of my CV. I have taken most of the contents from the PDF version and populated into the HTML one. However, the link to the PDF is still preserved. So if you prefer reading PDF, please click here. »