Introducing Calennar

Introducing Calennar, seminar schedules in iCalendar format

Introducing Calennar, seminar schedules in iCalendar format. Currently, this only support seminars from NUS School of Computing. You can subscribe Calennar into your favorite calendar client with the following URL:

NUS SoC offers many seminars. However, since I am not from SoC, I do not receive automatic email notifications for these seminars and often missed interesting ones. They do offer web for the seminar schedules, but there are no corresponding RSS or Twitter account to subscribe to. So I built Calennar 1 to automatically collect the seminar schedules and publish them in the iCalendar format. Users can subscribe the URL above in their calendar client and have the seminars show up in the calendar. The following are screenshots of how seminar entries look like in Google Calendar.

Screenshot Screenshot

By default, the URL above only returns seminars up to one year ago. So if you access the URL on 8th May 2011, only seminars after 8th May 2010 will be returned. However, you can retrieve all of the seminars 2:

You can also retrieve seminars of certain year by appending the year after “nuscs”, such as:

Have fun attending the seminars, I know I did. As usual, the source code is available at GitHub.

  1. Calendar + Seminar = Calennar. I apologize once again for the poor naming. :p [return]
  2. Oldest entry is from July 2001. [return]

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