New CV Page

Introducing a new CV page on my website, also mentioned about my resume

I have updated my CV page.

Recently 1, I saw an awesome resume from CSS-Tricks. Based on that resume, I created a new CV page of mine. My previous CV page only contained a link to the PDF version of my CV. I have taken most of the contents from the PDF version and populated into the HTML one. However, the link to the PDF is still preserved. So if you prefer reading PDF, please click here.

Another reason I have created this post is that I realized the keyword resume is not available throughout my website. Google could not find any page with resume. Though resume is different from CV, I hope this post will better inform others about myself 2.

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  2. Clearly, I have very limited knowledge on SEO. [return]

Ron Huang

Father, software developer, HP Inc. engineer, and Star Wars fan.

Taipei, Taiwan
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