I am Ron Huang, also known as Yih-Lun Huang or 黃翊倫. I am happily married to Grace Tsao.

Currently, I am a software engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Before that, I was a graduate student pursuing PhD degree at Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. My supervisor was Dr. Tim Marsh. However, it was suspended due to one of the most wonderful events in my life.

My research interests include human-computer interaction, end-user programming, software engineering, and serious games. I was working on patterns of user experience for software developers, a collection of the best practices within the user experience design domain. But instead of targeting their normal audiences, the interaction designers, these patterns are transcribed in language familiar to software developers. For more information, please refer to my CV or resume.

I enjoy playing video game, reading fiction, and writing hobbyist software. Most of my software projects are host on GitHub. You can also find me at Twitter.