The Sorrows of Young Hooman

Just in case I face Hooman’s nasty dilemma in the future, I posted the solution to The Sorrows of Young Hooman. ( Don’t Try This At Home, during our explanation to alert and educate children, teens and parents about the dangers of trained professionals. ) M1 uses both C1 and C2 on F1. ---------------- \---- ------------- C2 \- M1 C2' ) ) F1 ------------- C1' /- /---- ---------------- C1 M1 uses only C2 on F2. »

Twitter user names with less than two characters

Updated in 2012/12/02: moved table to Google Docs. Today I was curious if all the Twitter user names with less than two characters are already created. So I wrote a tiny script to check. The result is: YES! All of them are already created. In fact, the last one, lh, was just created today! What a coincidence. However, quite a few user names are suspended, and user name me also seems to be reserved. »

Hello, World

I have created over the years quite a few “Hello, World” post on various blog platforms. Hopefully this one will last longer… »