Embed Tweet with a Single Line of Code

Introducing Embed Tweet, a web widget to easily embed tweets in blogs

Updated in 2015/12/28: this widget is no longer usable. Please refer to Embed a Single Tweet for similar feature.

In my previous post, I needed to show a tweet. Though I could have embedded a picture of the tweet, I would really prefer a functional one, where the links, mentions, and hashtags are all linkified. But I wasn’t able to find any useful ones beside Blackbird Pie. Blackbird Pie was OK, but it requires users to manually generate the tweet and embed the generated HTML. And in my case, I also have to slightly change the HTML to fit my style.

So I created a web widget to easily embed tweets. There’s currently no name for this widget. I will just refer it as Embed Tweet. It is based on Blackbirdpy, but written in JavaScript and modified to fit closer to the current visual style of Twitter.

To embed a tweet, you have to first find out the tweet ID of the tweet you wish to embed. For example, the ID of the first tweet ever http://twitter.com/jack/status/20 is 20. Then, simply add the following script to the location where you want the tweet to show up. Make sure to replace 20 in the example to the actual tweet ID. The tweet will automatically embed below the script.

<script src="http://inmate.ronhuang.org/tweet/20" type="text/javascript"></script>

The script above will render the following tweet.

(You might not see the tweet if you are viewing from the feed.)

Hope you find this widget useful. The source code is available at GitHub.

Ron Huang

Father, software developer, HP Inc. engineer, and Star Wars fan.

Taipei, Taiwan https://ron.hng.tw/
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